Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, And Lee Dewyze Share Thanksgiving Wishes

Attention Adam Lambert fans: the singer will be performing tonight at this year’s MuchMusic Video Awards, because if that wasn’t exciting enough, vocalist is nominated for 2 video scholarships. Adam Lambert not only has countless fans in the United States, but when he did a promo tour abroad, in the U.K. and Asia for example, he garnered an enormous amount of international fans.

If the still young, you can try casting for Disney productions. Many characters are increasingly created regular so possess to plenty of opportunities to audition. Obtain the chance to turn into the next Hilary Duff or ariana grande jimmy fallon.

PATRICK: Because i can’t say much given that episode requires a motorcycle mystery, I will say that i’m a security guard that gets mixed up in crazy antics. I worked with ariana grande and she or he is very funny and talented. The episode is me to!

The singer and actress also Tweeted her day’s schedule for most fans notice. “Wrapped for the day. Worked the 6-7! Woo! Sleepytime.” Camp Rock: The Final Jam also stars Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas, Meaghan Martin, Alyson Stoner, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, and Jasmine Richards.

Although this year’s Academy Awards themselves did not develop via a tunnel a case of Bieber Fever, Justin bieber still saw a way to create his mark — with his rumored Disney Channel star girlfriend at his side.

Jennifer Grey wasn’t who had been voted off ‘Dancing a problem Stars’ tonight. The week was all about the celebration in the 200th episode of ‘Dancing with celebrities.’ The evening had Rob Stewart and taylor swift album google music performing and certainly had enthusiasts in song you choose.

Like the title suggests, “Pink Champagne” is a bubbly pop track with an electronic sides. On the celebratory jam, she sings about declaring her passion for another into the mountaintops: “Pink champagne / Let ’em know our names / Screaming so loud ’til they hear us in L.A.” Grande’s voice can be just as powerful type of now when she hits those high notes. The song appears to be a little to sweet for “Yours Truly” but thankfully fans get to understand it throughout its cheerful glory.

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