Selena Gomez Gets Vacation By ‘Shake It Up’ Cast During Concert

Families in Atlanta are willing to deck outside in red, white and blue, but heavy rain and a potential for flash flooding are investing a damper on 4th of July outdoor festivities. Associated with 11:30 dom.m. on July 3, close three dozen Independence day professional fireworks displays in and around Atlanta tend to be canceled, postponed or rescheduled, due towards serious threat of flash flooding through Friday.

Ever wonder what it appears as though look like with Kate Gosselin’s hairstyle? Certainly you write! As Kate says, “Everybody wants my coiffure.” Well, now you can find out if it would be right for you.

Following the big success behind “The Way,” Nickelodeon star ariana grande premiered her follow-up single, “Baby I,” on monday. This time around, love leaves Grande at a loss for words on the upbeat R&B track.

USA Today interviewed Chord and he reportedly got a drag out of all of the interest that he or she and Taylor generated on tv from their friendly evening out. Chord even got amusing out of it telling the magazine, “I have many friends and every one time I hang out with someone and in case I get my picture with anyone, all in the place of sudden we’re dating.

Some in the big celebs slated to seem on stage at the awards ceremony tonight include ariana grande jason’s song, Ashton Kutcher, Candice Glover, Ian Somerhalder, Simon Helberg, Demi Lovato, The Wanted, Liam Hemsworth and Tyler Posey.

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And while Joey King was charming in function of Ramona, avid readers of advertise series may not have seen the similarity. King is entirely too adorable to take part in the quirky tomboy, Ramona. What happened to the bowl-cutted misfit from guide is designed to series? I miss the woman!

Better for you to Disney fans as iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove is a 16 year-old actress and singer. Along with many Disney stars, Cosgrove is the actual crossover to music as Disney carries on groom her acting occupation. Cosgrove was discovered by an agent at the age of 3 when she was singing and acting out in the restaurant. She went from commercials to television and film working. Now, she has a hot report on songs consist of Kissin’ You her soon-to-be released premier album. Cosgrove sang It’s Raining Sunshine for the film Cloudy along with a Chance of Meatballs also as for her own show. She also sings the intro to iCarly and has sang a few other great Disney projects.