Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Face Newest False Twitter Rumor

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Thanks to your newly-discovered photos that show Justin Bieber and selena gomez hands to myself getting higher than a little cose while in St. Lucia together, we may now very well be in a time known as “Jelena watch over.” (Okay, somebody else has probably already come lets start work on that appoint.) Will Justin ever publicly declare anything about his relationship?

The first single among the album is “L.A. Boyz,” which features Victoria Justice and ariana grande. The music video will premiere Thursday on Nickelodeon and the song become part of Saturday’s brand new episode of Victorious, “Three Girls rrncluding a Moose.” The episode premieres Saturday (October 20) at 8:30 ET/PT on Nickelodeon.

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Hosting large show is actually Kid Rock, who may mention Bieber in his opening monolog. Perhaps the rocker will take several shots at the teen pop star. Do you watch Justin present in the 2011 CMT Awards?