Did Bieber And Selena Gomez Crack?

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Thanks for the newly-discovered photos that show Justin Bieber and ariana grande merchandise getting greater little cose while in St. Lucia together, we may now rather be in time known as “Jelena watch over.” (Okay, somebody else has probably already come up with that address.) Will Justin ever publicly declare anything about his relationship?

R&B singer ariana grande premiered her music video for “Baby I” on Sunday. The ’90-inspired clip sees Grande and a small grouping of friends dancing in the streets of new York City.

But lately an all grown up Cyrus got caught smoking the hallucinogen salvia (once again on video) given that she resulted in on “Oprah” recently to duet Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” she seemed to have in emphasizing the word “damn” involving song, perhaps to further emphasize that they ain’t no Disney kid anymore. Cyrus told Oprah she’s growing up and her music increasing up with her.

At one time in time, if it suited you to the fantastic music video should do is decide had to have to wait until complete thing premiered. However, it’s not becoming increasingly clear in which we are dwelling in a different era.

Country-pop star selena gomez songs old premiered the music video for her single, “Everything Has Changed,” featuring Oughout.K. singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, on Friday. While the two are absent for the majority of the clip, their child-like doubles instead start a close friendship with each other.

P.S.( that’s Pumpkin Script) Don’t forget, a young girl is banking on you arrive through . She needs this worse than anyone alive and only you Chief Crazy Captain Christo know how to pull this off. Make sure to write to Congress about your A.I.G. Plan and don’t mince any words really. They need a Taylor Swift kick in the kiester and realize it!

I would like to see Zac Brown Band disappear with this award. Would seem like like they are always passed over. Rascal Flatts seems to be have out of date of juice in the last year. With significant following of Lady Antebellum, I couldn’t survive surprised whether or not this award goes to them.