Charice Joins Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Adam Lambert For Jingle Ball

Selena Gomez may just well are the most popular female pop star in the world at the. Her new song Who Says was just released and she or he has been promoting all this over television and radio shows. We would not determine if that is the reason Gomez is actually so popular now, or can because is actually the girlfriend of the favourite male pop star all of the world, Justin bieber.

Time for the latest edition of celebrity jail pool- Miley Cyrus, taylor swift death and Demi Lovato will be turning 18 soon. May be the other Lindsay Lohan?

But lately an all grown up Cyrus got caught smoking the hallucinogen salvia (once again on video) while she arrived on “Oprah” recently to duet Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” she seemed to relish in emphasizing the word “damn” regarding song, perhaps to further emphasize that they ain’t no Disney kid anymore. Cyrus told Oprah she’s a little kid and her music expanding up the woman’s.

taylor swift seems made to star in old-fashioned roles with vintage clothing. In fact, when Taylor sang the song ‘Innocent’ at the MTV VMA awards, she wore curly, slicked back hair together with a 20’s style dress. Everybody could have pulled this look off successfully, but Swift gave the look of she was designed to play in the part. Hopefully Taylor will explore more fashion eras in earth since she does it so convincingly.

One of the most popular music video channels that have included in the lineup any kind of cable or satellite TV bundles is not an other than MTV. MTV is turned out to be be right music channel in the world. Most of the songs lovers out in the open are getting interested in watching music videos over and over, especially probably the most recent. Some of options related to ballad, R&B, metal, hardcore, hip-hop and rap. Really are a few others are usually still all in favour of listening towards the old classic songs prefer Beatles, The Carpenters, Eagles, Toto and a lot more don’t forget their lovely songs.

“I’m so glad she’s okay. She’s my idol,” said one Cleveland teen. “she’s an inspiration,” tweeted another ariana grande fan. What do you think about Selena Gomez’s crazy schedule. Should she take things slower?

“Everything Has Changed” will be the latest single from Swift’s big-selling “Red” album. She co-wrote the acoustic track with Sheeran. Instead of featuring the two big artists, the music video for “Everything” shows child versions of Swift and Sheeran. They meet in the classroom and strike up a close friendship, which later leads the the particular drawing on each other and sharing a dance in the institution gym. In the end belonging to the day, Swift and Sheeran make a brief cameo as they simply pick up the kids. It’s adorable little video that certainly pulls at center strings.

And again, Will would get just a little jealous of those talents since he’s jealous of everything now that his ex-wife has switched. If it is a younger British teacher beans are known the girls, Mercedes or Tina, could fall for him within a teacher-crush episode and every single piece of their songs could be from the British incursion. Imagine Tina singing I Wanna Hold You from the Beatles as well Rachel buying Don’t Stand So Close to Me at the Police.