March 2018

Music has become one of probably the most attracted things for unique like you. It all starts with playing different musical instruments during the early decades. The most prevalent musical instrument that was played by most people is known as the guitar. Involved with considered in order to become the easiest and basic music instrument […]

Alright – Darius Rucker – Mister. Rucker says the straightforward things in life are “alright” by justin. This old fool doesn’t need expensive champagne, fancy restaurants, or luxury vacations. Featuring cameos by country music artists taylor swift unicorn and Rascal Flatts, the country-fried version of the “Hannah Montana” TV series was filmed in Miley’s home […]

The new Fall season has just kicked off and character actor Patrick Rafferty is exercising his comedic timing on two different shows. Patrick will appear on Nickelodeon’s brand new spin-off series “Sam and Cat,” on Saturday, September 28th, after which it a weekend later you will catch him over on NBC’s proven winner, “Parks and […]

Teen singers are hotter than ever with Internet and MP3 access becoming easier and simpler for younger generations. Have the finger on your pulse of 7 of the latest teen singing idols. Discover a little about each singer, where to find songs and videos of adlescent singers you love, even even find a few new […]

Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande is translating her big success to the background music scene with “The Way,” featuring indie rapper Mac Miller. She recently released the R&B track’s music video which has already amassed 3.4 million views on youtube as of Monday. Kris Jenner is a working machine, merely does this woman manage every member […]

Did are familiar with you could bid on birdhouses signed by country artists and also the funds runs towards The W.O. Smith Music Classes? Well, you can. However, while may missed specific event, there is bidding online, but it closes soon. “I won at the MMVA’s yearly ago most recent award i had to […]

Teen singers are hotter than ever with Internet and MP3 access becoming easier and easier for younger generations. Get your finger on the pulse of seven of the greatest teen singing idols. Find out a little about each singer, where to locate songs and videos of teen singers you love, along with perhaps even discover […]

Did Selena Gomez really get back together with Usher and will she call him up her boyfriend once after more? According to Yahoo News on April 20, 2013, it sure looks this way as Selena and Justin were spotted locking lips in Norway. Justin Bieber has experienced the news lots lately because of his supposed […]

Families in Atlanta are willing to deck outside in red, white and blue, but heavy rain and a potential for flash flooding are investing a damper on 4th of July outdoor festivities. Associated with 11:30 dom.m. on July 3, close three dozen Independence day professional fireworks displays in and around Atlanta tend to be canceled, […]