2010 Celebrity Prom Inspired Hairstyles

April 26, 2011 — Justin Bieber gave fans and his girlfriend an unique treat throughout his recent concert in Malaysia. The 17-year-old singer covered Selena Gomez’s song “Who Says” because your crowd went wild.

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Have you seen taylor swift in display? What’s your favorite concert experience ever? Share your stories below and skim what other music fans have to say!

ariana grande is considered to be an upcoming performer. The actual Mariah Carey and already having success in the very best 10 with the charts, the entertainer searching forward to her emergency. With the initial response belonging to the fans it’s obvious she’s well to be with her way!

It was the first performance in the new album, Yours Truly, which dropped Tuesday. Mostly likely the star was ecstatic at the response since the album already hit suggestions spot. With leaks inside the weekend, many fans got a taste of the music activity and wanted their own copy have fun with.

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Justin tweeted a teaser of things to come to his 9 million plus followers. “AUSTRALIA.we are starting.and there might be some surprises,” he wrote, adding a video of himself and Chris Brown. Exactly what you give some thought to Justin Bieber singing Selena Gomez’s song in Malaysia?